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Disitillerie Berta – Styleframes



Product: Styleframes

My role: Concept, Graphic Design



Casa della Comunicazione – Shelves control

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Customer: Casa della Comunicazione

Product: Video Projection mapping 3D

Where: Projected at Casa della Comunicazione (Milan),  during the Milan’s Design week

My role: Design + 2D/3D animation on several shots


Inaugurazione Grandi Mostre 2011 – Boldini e la Belle Epoque – Video projection mapping

Video Frames:

Video Projection Mapping installation made during the opening night of the exhibition “Boldini e la Belle Epoque” on Villa Olmo (Como).

My role: Visual Effects & Matte Painting from 2:01 to 2:19

Pictures wipe out  on 1:05 and 3:45


Ericsson – 50 billions of connections in 2020

Video projection mapping 3D realized for ERICSSON.

My role: 3D Modeling of the stage ; 3D Animation on several shots / 2D particles animation

Robino & Galandrino – Opener

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Product: Video Opener

My role: Concept, Design, 2D/3D animation


Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino – Spot


Customer: Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino

Product: Promotional Video

My role: Animation and Visual effects


Zani – Projection Mapping 3D

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Below an example of animation//Sotto un esempio di animazione

Client: Not specified

Product: Video Projection mapping 3D

Where: Euroblech – Hannover (Germany)

My role: Part of the creative team for the projection’s mapping concept and characters design; 3D modeling, rigging and animation; 2D addictional effects on several shots